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Exeter Security Company

Exeter Security Guard Company – what you need to know about us

We opened our Exeter Security Guard. Service shortly after the launch of the above and soon found a market that was lost to providing poor levels of security guarding. We soon found in Exeter that guards were keen to join a security company that cared more about providing security than the bottom line! fresh from gimmicks and empty promises Titan Security in Exeter changed Exeter guarding scene and rapidly forced other security guard companies in Exeter to up there game. Were proud to say we have some top-end clientele in Exeter who wouldn’t use any other local company. We feel this is a testament to the work we do.

Titan Security Sw is an Exeter based Security company providing Security Services in Exeter. As an Exeter based Security company, we cover a large amount of Sites both construction/Rural/Door based as well as major events in the area of Exeter.

For a full list of Security Services we provide in Exeter call us now on 01803 446004.

Security Services provided in Exeter include:

Exeter Security company Exmouth

Exeter Security company Exmouth

The Importance Of Security in Exeter

The guarantee of security in our life is something we should not pass up. The value of knowing that our families and our homes in Exeter are safe is one of the utmost important feelings out there. Each year, many incidents occur in the home that could have easily been prevented and attended to through the use of a security system. If you haven’t thought about the use of security in your home, why not start today?


There are a few reasons we think security in Exeter is so valuable.


  1. Your belongings


Nobody wants to think about replacing things such as money, jewelry, and emotionally significant items. Some of these things can and will not be replaced. The average home loses £1,700 dollars a year when crimes against their home occur. Have the security that your stuff is in order next time.


  1. Confidence


The well-being of our families is a concern that is bigger than anything else in our lives. When our families are left home to fend for themselves – our children, pets and elderly loved ones – do we have the confidence that they will be alright? For the child who does not know who to call in case something happens, and the elderly loved one who may not be able to respond, a security system is a great tool in knowing your family is protected.


  1. The second set of eyes and ears


Security Company Exeter.

Security Company Exeter.

In those times you are away, and even the times you are counting on those in the neighborhood to watch your house, many things can happen. Even well-intentioned eyes miss things. When you are away, it is important to know that nothing with happening in your home that you won’t know about. Nothing could be more reassuring and stress-free.


  1. In case of fire


When we think of security systems, it is not every day that we think of fire. A simple flame can multiply by the dozens, even in as little as 30 seconds, and all without our knowledge. For the protection of our homes and health, it it vital that we know when fires are occurring or on the rise in our homes. Security system sensors can take care of this for you.


  1. In the case of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


This is another common incident among homes that we don’t think about. This gas is a colorless and odorless gas and can come from everyday items in the home such as stoves, fireplaces and heating systems. A security system is able to protect and warn in the times that we ourselves are naive. The same as fire, there are sensors to warn us against carbon monoxide.


Security in Exeter for our homes and families couldn’t be more important. Take the time to look into security and be assured that your family is safe and in good hands.


Short insert from one of our satisfied Customers Who Chose Security in Exeter with Titan Security Sw


The Security Company Helped  Determine Where To Stay During Holiday


Security is important, especially when traveling. It can, on occasion be the determining factor where one stays or visits on a holiday. It’s one of the areas that Hazel, unfortunately, learned a tough object lesson on her last holiday. She stayed a little out of the way B&B on her last trip and found herself the victim of a robbery. She is determined to guarantee it will most emphatically, not be an object lesson that’s repeated.


She made a point to inquire about security existing at the hotels, shops and clubs in Devon, specifically Exeter and Plymouth, two cities she has always desired to stay on holiday. There were several criteria needed to make her feel more comfortable in deciding where to book her reservations. She wanted to be assured no matter what her choice, her safety would be taken seriously.

Security Guard Torquay

Security Guard Torquay


Hazel decided to create a list of the number of requirements that would ensure her security concerns would be eased. First, the hotel she decides to holiday with must have manned guarding at the entrance. Second, the security company providing security must have an extraordinary reputation for being professional and approachable (just in case the need arises to converse with them). Third, security includes mobile patrolling around the hotel property. She loves to take long walks in the evening before retiring, so knowing security is mobile would be quite favorable! Lastly, it would be beneficial to know if there happen to be any special events going on in the surrounding areas, there would be some security surveillance also being provided.


While conducting her inquiries about her top four hotel considerations, she learned two of them employ a security company called Titan Security. Apparently it’s one of the top security providers for building security at not only hotels but for clubs, shops and events. In fact, one of her mates recently had some experience in dealing with two of Titan Security’s door supervisors when he made a visit to one of the newest clubs in Plymouth.


He described to Hazel how the security men were smartly dressed, very professional and quite approachable should one feel the need to converse with them. He said he felt quite secure knowing they were providing the manned guarding, especially since there were a couple of gents who, being quite sloshed, commenced intimidating him as he was entering the establishment. They quickly handled the situation.


After her inquiries were complete, Hazel determined the two hotels who employ the security company her friend had told her about, did indeed not only live up to her list of criteria, Titan Security has that extraordinary reputation for providing the safety and security she needed in order to have a relaxing and pleasant holiday. The fact they also provide security for many of the shops and clubs she also planned to visit made her feel even more at ease.

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