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Why Security Professionals in Cornwall Are Important


Cornwall Security Guard Service

Our Cornwall Security Guard service provide Security to Hospitality trade as well as building trade in Cornwall working in areas such as

Security Guard Torquay

Security Guard Cornwall

Redruth and St Austell and having Security Guarding in Newquay and Penzance we are a one-stop Security company in Cornwall for a Security Guard. Cornwall is a seasonal area in southwest even through peak times we provide a consistent service we have provided retail security across Cornwall as such have excellent knowledge of the area and have been proactive in the Saltash area providing services both there and in Liskeard.

Titan Security SW is the company in Cornwall. We are proud of how we have consistently reduced crime in this region to find out more contact us now on – 01803 446004.


It is necessary that all organizations have the best level of security in Cornwall against the threat of danger, theft, crime, or damage. As security specialists Titan Security Cornwall, our primary goal is to monitor the properties of our clients to provide them with peace of mind whether they are present or not. Hiring a security company for personal or business purposes will provide a lot of benefits, but mainly it works as a deterrent to potential lawbreakers. It is popularly known that lawbreakers are most unlikely to breach your security if they see a uniformed guard on duty. Security professionals work in public and private locations; including retail and wholesale businesses.


Having a security guard present at your business or property in Cornwall will help boost confidence for/ in employees who work in high-risk operations. Corporate security in Cornwall has been known to increase productivity and staff retention because personal safety will be the least of your staff’s worries. Customers also take note of guards at retail points of sale and this gives them more confidence; especially businesses that trade in high-end merchandise or situated in high-crime areas.


Professional security guards in Cornwall are taught to watch out for suspicious activity. They can assess security breaches and react promptly. In our opinion, hiring a security guard is a much greater visual deterrent than a surveillance camera or any other security systems.


Primary Benefits of Security Guards


  • Customer-Centric.


Security guards are your front line staff (even if they are contractors) and customer service, ambassadors. A guard who is a sentry and watches over the reception in business premises will sometimes be approached by your customers and may be able to assist with the most basic inquiries, thereby optimizing the time of your customer service staff. Hiring professional and capable security guards shows that your office is secure and that you are customer-centric.


  • Crime Fighters.


The training received by security guards is varied when it comes to actively react to lawbreakers. Some may only take down the details of the offense and contact the authorities. While others may detain the suspect(s) pending the arrival of the police. It is generally up to the business to determine whether to have an armed or unarmed security guard on duty. The business policies also decide what procedures to follow when handling a suspect. However, choosing a trained and licensed security guard from a reputable company will ensure that the best possible actions are taken in case of a criminal incident.


  • Security Monitoring

    Security Guard Cornwall

    Titan Security Cornwall Security Guard


Security professionals do not always spend their time patrolling a business’s property. Sometimes, the security guard may be required to observe video surveillance, check for contraband, check credentials, or restrict access to a particular area in the property. These monitoring tasks ease the responsibilities of the business owner and employees, allowing them to concentrate on their jobs.


Titan Security SW is the company in Cornwall. We are proud of how we have consistently reduced crime in this region to find out more contact us now on – 01803 446004.