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Manned Guarding

Manned Guarding – what you need to know

static-guardWho are Static Guards

At Titan Security SW we provide highly trained and professional static guards/Manned Guarding to businesses across Devon, Dorset, Somerset , Bristol, Swindon, London including Exeter and Torquay,Plymouth , Taunton, Bournemouth, Southampton, Brighton, Cardiff, Swansea, London, Essex, Chelmsford, Cornwall.

If you are in need of static security guards, please get in touch by calling us on 07821 769 303/01626 330349 or filling out the form opposite to send us a message.

Our Manned Guarding/Static Security are all SIA approved and receive in-house training. The Majority of are Static guard and Manned Guarding teams are sourced from are existing door supervisor and Guarding teams. This ensures you receive capable and able guarding that meets your expectations and our standards.

Whether you require a Guard on a building site in Torquay, Devon or Manned Guarding in Bristol, Titan security can exceed expectations we pride our self’s in securing our clients intrest/s.

All Titan Security Guards are branded in are Titan Security Wear.

We provide a free of charge assessment of your site prior to any job taken on.

We also provide areas:

  • Manned Guarding
  • Static security
  • Solar security
  • Warehouse Security
  • Guards Security

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Security Professional?

Security is one aspect of life that most people take for granted. Most small businesses do not consider the cost of security when preparing their annual projections. It is usually an afterthought, and this has cost many individuals and businesses dearly. In 2013, the loss of personal and business assets due to untrained staff or unprotected business properties was estimated to be approximately £4.5 billion.

Security Guard Torquay

Security Guard Torquay


Before buying a home or starting a business, security should be the primary focus because your investment is at risk if you do not set up your security team beforehand. This team might be in-house or outsourced; the fact is you will need experienced professionals on your security team. It is popularly known that the mere presence of a security guard is enough to deter criminals. However, there are other essential benefits to be derived from employing the services of a security professional.


They are vigilant.


A security professional watches out for any strange and abnormal activities or people. They are always trained to have a very keen sense of smelling, sight, and hearing. Your security guard will usually be the first to detect a fire or any other industrial emergency. other services can be found at


They are professional crisis managers.


A security guard does not just sense trouble but also acts fast to control and manage the situation. They are always alert in order not to be caught unawares. Various security professionals respond differently to crisis depending on the severity and policies that have been laid down for them to follow.

Security Guard Plymouth

Security Guard Plymouth


They observe and report incidents.


Whether or not a situation was dangerous or a security risk, as long as a security guard was on duty, a report will be made at the end of the shift. The report sometimes helps business owners to monitor other staff and customer activities.


They are conflict resolution specialists.


When there is a very dangerous crisis (such as an armed robbery or a physical assault event), a trained security guard may be able to handle the situation. He will assist in diffusing the threat pending when the police arrive. The guard’s job is only to help prevent loss of lives or property and not to confront the attackers.


Manned Guarding -Devon -Somerset -Dorset -Bristol-Swindon -London

Manned Guarding -Devon -Somerset -Dorset -Bristol-Swindon -London

They are safety officers.


One of the added benefits of having a security guard is that they provide short-term training and information to their employers on how to avoid security breaches. Also, a security professional will do their best to make sure that all safety precautions are followed.


Some security guards, particularly those hired by individuals, perform more than their principal duties. They may be saddled with extra responsibilities like receiving calls and running errands for their employers. However, this is usually prearranged and stated in the scope of work.