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About Titan Security



Titan Security Company based in – Torquay – Exeter – Plymouth security company.

We supply Static Guard Security – Door Supervisor Security – Manned Guarding – Mobile Patrol Security – Key holding and – CCTV

With over 30 years of experience in the security industry Titan Security Services is the number one provider in the South West.
Titan Security Company SW LTD provide a bespoke service which is unrivaled by other companies in the security industry.

All of our security guards/operatives are fully vetted and trained and meet the strict criteria of the security industry authority (SIA), we also ensure all of our staff are fully in-housed trained in conflict management and undertake regular reviews.

At Titan Security we understand that we are the first and last impression for your clients/premises we believe that it is essential a smart presentation being knowledgeable and being fully trained are the key ingredients that separate us from our competitors ensuring that the safety of the
premises/customer/site is paramount encouraging repeat business thus adding business and financial growth.

Let us help you in building a safe and secure environment for your business, employees and customers alike.
Titan Security Company Exeter –Torquay and Plymouth is a security company with a difference.Unlike many other local Security companies we operate across the whole of Devon. Are Security Services company in Exeter -Torquay and Plymouth provide a comprehensive and a complete Security Service. We supply uniformed Security Staff for all Events, shows, nightclubs, bars, private functions/ party’s as well as key holding services and alarm response known as are rapid response service.

We also operate manned guarding service and mobile patrol Security service. As a security company are goal is always to offer real value through a comprehensive service. At Titan Security Company Torquay –Exeter and Plymouth we only source all our manned guarding locally, We believe the importance of local knowledge backed up with the experience of a solid foundation enable our guarding ,Door Supervisors and event staff to be the best you will find.  All are Security staff are branded in are security company’s logo embossed on our ties and polo’s.

We are able to supply your venue or site with security signage, fencing, Access control and CCTV services. We have offices based in Torquay as well as Exeter and Plymouth. We provide all our security staff whether there manned guards or they stand on the front line of the bars and nightclubs we manage, are fully trained to SIA Security Company standard’s by our in-house trainers at our training hub in Torquay. When attending your event –site –venue all our staff ,are trained in conflict management ,customer service Nvq 2 , We also supply are manned guards ,Door supervisor  and event security staff with radio’s as standard. We work closely with local councils in Exeter as well as Plymouth and Torquay. We work with licensing to ensure we are in constant dialect with local authority’s on relevant/important matters within local areas. We also provide on our static –building sites a time gate system which enables all our guards to be in 24hr contact with are control room. The sites we manage remain secure unlike other security companies we offer an additional check point system which operates in a way to actively be able to see in real time were the guards are patrolling the site. This maintains the guards are in constant contact with Titan Security Service Office. Enabling us to keep your property safe.

Contact us or give us a call at 01626 330349 to find out more about us, our customers and general security services in Devon!

The Importance of Security Guards in Devon

The need for security guards in Devon was present from many years ago. While the early societies had to plan for security due to warfare and pillaging, nowadays the need for personal security is tailored to the special needs of everyone.

Titan Security – An Award-Winning Security Company In Devon, UK

If you are wondering about how security officers contribute to our society, you should know that the monitoring services and personal security are the most basic types of the organization when speaking about security in Devon – that both prevent violence in many forms. Therefore, if you are looking for a security company in Devon, you should know that your choice is wise – coming from the fact that security nowadays serves as a deterrent to any potential break of law and threat to you or your business as a result.

Security Guard Plymouth

Security Guard Plymouth

At Titan Security, we take pride in being a certified security company in Devon known for our attention to detail and exceptional service – whether it is in the form of general security, personal security, key holding, event and building security or supervisor guard security services in the Devon region.

Trained And Skilled Security Guards in Devon

The training and skill of the security guards is often a perspective that is overlooked by many, however the most crucial one when it comes to success or failure of a security company in Devon. While some companies treat security as providing a body that is only there in specific scenarios, at Titan Security we understand the growth of crime and the presence of a crumbled economy – all factors that directly affect our safety – resulting in increased crime and violence.

As the best security company in Devon, we are serving the cities of Exeter, Torquay and Plymouth with pride – excelling in many forms and security services all tailored to your most exact needs.

A trained team of security professionals in Devon, but also everywhere nowadays is not only defined by strength and proper training. In today’s times of violence and constant threat of crime, security is more than just protection. It is a physical and mental state of mind – one which every security company in Devon has to understand and therefore tailor the training to both strength and communication skills.

Residential Security in Devon

If you want to upgrade your personal residential security viewed from the perspective of your home, at Titan Securities we understand your need and tailor to them accordingly. Our home security services in Devon are diversified and categorized in many groups, including home security while you are present in the house and special mobile patrol security monitoring your home while you are on holiday, weekend or simply not present at home.

The potential risk from burglars but also things we can’t control nowadays is high and therefore everyone needs professional security assistance – and with Titan Security you can finally get a security company in Devon oriented to your most demanding needs.

Security Guarding in Exeter

Security Guarding in Exeter

Business Security in Devon

Finding the best security company in Devon can be difficult and complex, since many people have a different picture in mind of how their contract security force should look like. Nowadays, close personal protection guards have become significant in our society and therefore the need for a security company for a Devon business is more than evident.

Whether it is alarm guards or key holding guars you are in need of, the importance of hospitality security in Devon is increasing every day – progressively with the level of crime. Therefore, choosing the best security contractor in Devon should be a decision shared by everyone – coming from the fact that the safety of our business and our personal safety while being present at it cannot be controlled by anyone.

The Importance Of Security Guards and Companies in Devon

For most security companies in Devon, the main focus of security is regularly aimed on the biggest tech innovations such as Night-vision cameras, RFID following, thermo-sensors, vehicle consent switches and behavioral examination programs as the hot topics for many conversations and presentations.

However, in reality – what can protect you more than a security company?

Security guards in Devon, whether incorporated with innovation or using it independently, are the foundation of keeping one’s business, resources and representatives protected and secure. Even when it comes to storage options, there are teams of guards that are always chosen to make sure that a location is secured. Since technology can protect but cannot reinforce the effect, the best form of security you can choose for your storage, home or business area is a specialized security company in Devon focusing on a variety of areas.

The Questions You Need To Ask A Security Company In Devon

In turbulent times like these – we all know that choosing a security company in Devon is not the only thing to deal with. Since it is our personal safety that is being talked about, finding a reliable team of security guards in Devon or a professional security company in Devon is of the highest priority.

But how do you know that you are choosing a professional security contractor in Devon?

It’s simple and easy – by asking them all of these questions and getting the overall idea of personal security in a better way.

  • How Do You Train The Security Officers?

This inquiry can give you a lot of understanding of whether the security guards the organization will furnish you with will perform their obligation well or not. On the off chance that the defensive officers and guards are given security preparing by experts, it’s great to know in light of the fact that you can in any event, depending on them to spare you from a grievous episode.

  • Are The Security Guards Trained By Certified Professionals?

Another inquiry you shouldn’t neglect to ask is whether the security officers are prepared by affirmed proficient or not. Security preparing experts are profoundly talented specialists who represent considerable authority in security preparing, furnished battle alongside gun utilizing aptitudes, and so forth. Each security guard must be given formal security preparing with the goal that he can carry out his employment tenaciously.

  • Do Security Guards Practice Unarmed Defensive Tactics?

Utilizing guns is by all account not the only response for keeping appalling episodes under control. Defensive officers particularly those ensuring school grounds and schools must know how to utilize unarmed protective strategies. Unarmed cautious strategies are about taking care of different conceivably unsafe circumstances without utilizing any discharge weapons.

  • Are Background Checks Performed on Security Officers?

All presumed privately owned businesses employ Protective officers subsequent to performing careful historical verifications. Personal investigations are performed to guarantee that the people they are going to contract don’t have any criminal records or objections held up against them. So it wouldn’t hurt to inquire as to whether the security guards are foundation checked by the private defensive organizations before alluding them to outsider managers.

  • Our Security Officers Trained to Handle Medical Emergencies?

These days, the private security industry has turned out to be extremely aggressive and to have an edge over different organizations, extra preparing is given to security officers like therapeutic preparation. A few organizations prepare their security officers to handle medicinal crises know how to offer mouth to mouth revival, helping the injured with emergency treatment units, and so forth.

  • Do Armed Security Officers Hold Licenses?

The security guards you’re going to contract must hold licenses for taking care of guns. Permitting guarantees that the guns won’t be misused. Likewise, ensure the licenses are recompensed to them by state-controlled offices.

  • Are Security Officials Provided with Insurance?

Defensive officers put their bodies on hold to shield their bosses from mischief so you must ensure that they are given appropriate therapeutic and coincidental protection on the off chance that they are harmed or hurt. Restorative and unintentional protection from a decent insurance agency demonstrates that the private security organization really watches over its workers and considers them important.

Southampton Security Company somerset- security services in somerset

Next time when you consider a security company in Devon for your personal property, business area or mobile needs, you should know and ask these questions directly. After all, distinguishing between the best security contractors in Exeter, Plymouth and Torquay can be a difficult choice to make – however these questions will make it easier.

The Need For A Reliable Security Contractor – And The Risk Involved

Regardless of how vast or little your organization is, you need the arrangement to guarantee the security of your data resources. Such an arrangement is known as a security program by data security experts. Whether yours is five or 200 pages in length, the procedure of making a security system will make you ponder your association’s security. A security project gives the structure to stay with you at a coveted security level by evaluating the dangers you face, choosing how you will moderate them, and getting ready for how you keep the system and your security practices up and coming.

Think you don’t have anything of quality to ensure? Reconsider. The key resource that a security project ensures is your information — and the estimation of your business is in its information. You definitely know this if your organization is one of numerous whose information administration is directed by legislative and different regulations — for instance, how you oversee client Visa information. In the event that your information administration practices are not officially secured by regulations, consider the estimation of the accompanying:

  • Product data (designs, plans, overview, patent applications, drawings)
  • Financial data, including business sector assessments and your organization’s own particular monetary records
  • Client data, including private data collected on behalf of every client

Securing your information means ensuring its privacy, respectability, and accessibility. The results of an inability to secure each of the three of these perspectives incorporate business misfortunes, lawful obligation, and loss of organization goodwill.

The Benefits Of A Security Company For Your Devon Business

A reliable security company in Devon will make sure your information is constantly secure. It takes a comprehensive approach that depicts how all aspects of your organization is included in the system. Although it does not reflect directly to risk elimination, having a security company for your Devon business helps minimize any risk or threat, while protecting your equipment and the dignity of your business.

Your security project must characterize what information is secured and what is not. Simply, it should evaluate the dangers your organization faces, and how you plan to moderate them. It demonstrates how frequently the project will be re-assessed and upgraded, and when you will evaluate consistency with the system. The key parts of a reliable security program are outlined in the sections below:

  1. A Designated Security Guard

For most security regulations and guidelines, having a Designated Security Officer (DSO) is not a privilege – it’s a necessity. Your security officer is the one in charge of organizing and executing your security program. The officer is your interior check and adjust. This individual or part ought to answer to somebody outside of the IT association to look after autonomy.

  1. A Risk Assessment Overview

This part recognizes and surveys the dangers that your security project plans to oversee. This is maybe the most imperative area on the grounds that it makes you consider the dangers your association confronts so you can then settle on suitable, financially savvy approaches to oversee them. Keep in mind that we can just minimize, not dispense with, danger, so this evaluation helps us to organize them and pick financially savvy countermeasures.

  1. Policies and Procedures

Setting up your danger evaluation ideally gave you parcels to stress over. The arrangements and techniques segment is the spot where you get the chance to choose what to do about them.

  1. Security Awareness Within The Organization

The security group, by and large, concurs that the weakest join in many associations’ security is the human component and not innovation. Furthermore, despite the fact that it is the weakest join, it is frequently neglected in security programs. Try not to ignore it in yours.

In the end, the need for a security company in Devon is really big. While having a security contractor present in your Devon business used to be a privilege only, now it’s a common need that reflects our own personal safety, as well as the legal procedures of every business.

At Titan Security, we are a security company in Devon that is ready to take any challenge and exceed your expectations related to safety. Our variety of security services in Torquay, Exeter and Plymouth excels with its quality and attention to detail.

For more information, questions or inquiries that you may have – do not hesitate to contact us via email – at or via phone 01626 330349.

Titan Security – Certified Of The Highest Standards In Security

Titan Security – A Cutting-Edge Security Provider In The Devon Region

If you need a security company in Devon that is accredited and certified as a professional security contractor, you have come to the right place. At Titan Security, we work along with the most demanding standards in security and hold a reputable status when it comes to security guarding, CCTV, door supervision and keyholding services. Our expertise tailors to the needs of our clients and results with the utmost client satisfaction.

Our award-winning security solutions in Exeter and Torquay, as well as many other cities in the Devon region encompass the most professional and innovative approach to security, resulting with an experience that you are likely to remember and a premium Devon security service you will be likely to use again.

At Titan Security, our biggest determination for success is to put all of our ideas into practice and ensure of the best security services driven by passion, experience as well as determination – all acting as our main shared values focusing on our further performance improvement and expansion.

Manned Guarding And 24 Hour Control Room Services In Devon

Our competitive advantage lies in the professionalism and experience that we hold under our belts as well as our various abilities when it comes to the most tailored guarding solutions in Devon. The market-leading range of our security services in Devon. Providing the best of manned guarding, our team of professionals is trained with visible and effective physical deterrents – all in order to protect any client or system against theft, damage and other incidents. Resolving the issues in real-time and acting with all our senses, we are simply the team you need to get the best security protection in Devon.

Our 24 Hour Control Room service is another part of our expertise we are proud to offer, as it comes with top quality and consistency. Whether it is mobile patrol, keyholding, alarm response or remote monitoring you are looking for in Devon, we view our 24 Hour Control Devon as a core value and strength of our company regarding delivering exceptional service. Dispatching drivers and supervisors as to our client premises and enabling a sound working knowledge of the nearest surrounding areas, our 24 Control Room service in Exeter and Torquay may be the perfect solution you need for your belongings.

Specialist Security Services In Torquay and Exeter, Devon

Our security portfolio is diversified with additional specialist security services that we are proud of having – such as working with clients as a single source and being strategic security partners in Devon. You can find the full range of services in the ‘Services’ page of our website, and they include CCTV operators, post room operatives, door supervisors in Torquay and Exeter as well as many on-site surveys and cost analysis projects. If you are in need of the best specialist security services in Devon, you can reach us via the contact form or our numbers at any time.

Door Supervisor Services In Devon

If you are looking for effective door supervisor service in Torquay, Exeter or Plymouth, you should know that it is a basis of first contact between an organization and its visitors. Therefore, it needs to be representative and professional similar to the company inside.

At Titan Security, we excel with our door security services in Torquay, Plymouth and Exeter along the Devon region all under our careful control access approach to a building or an event. Therefore, our event door security services in Devon are focusing on every detail and ensuring safety in its best form. On the other side, our building door security services in Devon will not only ensure the best protection against outside threats but also effectively cover all the access points, check visitor credentials, guide people in and out of the buildings as well as keep the fire exits and walkways clear throughout the working hours without causing any offenses.

In the event that an incident arises, our professional door security service in Devon will likely respond and settle down the situation quickly, resolving it with minimum disruption.

Event Staff And Security Services in Devon

If you are looking for the best Torquay and Exeter Security Officers, Event Security Officers or Supervisors, you will likely find them at Titan Security- a company that interlinks with the security sphere with a modern and innovative approach of security in Devon.

Our Events Staff and Security services in Plymouth, Torquay and Exeter feature:

  • Event Security
  • Event Traffic Marshals
  • Event Cleaning
  • Event staff (Customer Service, Ticket takers, Age Verification and Responsible Service of Alcohol)
  • Event Access Control
  • Event Labour Hire (General)

Titan Security specializes in event security in the Devon region, so if you are looking to make your events and venues safer and better for your audience, considering our expert event security service in Exeter, Torquay and Plymouth will come with the highest form of professionalism and a staff of highly trained and experienced licensed security agents.

Offering a wide range of event security services in Devon tailored to your most exact teams, we dedicate to your utmost safety – and deliver it in a special way.

Static Security Guards in Devon

At Titan Security, we are a team of SIA Approved security agents offering the region of Devon and the cities of Torquay, Exeter, Plymouth, etc. a better view on security. Our first-class Devon security service is likely to meet all of your expectations and will have the exact attention to detail that you want from a security contractor in Devon – overcoming your expectations and delivering safety.

As a well-established safe security contractor in Devon, our expertise is delivered in a form of the best Static Security Guards in Torquay, Exeter and Plymouth as well as the whole Davon region. Whether you work in the retail, commercial or construction sector, our static security expertise knows no limits for effective 24/7 security control in Devon as you deserve it.

Being professional at all times and delivering the first-class security service only, our static guards in Plymouth, Exeter and Torquay are proud to have all the accreditations needed to work in the provision of security guarding and make sure to exceed your expectations for the best security services in Devon.

Mobile Guards & Patrol Officers in Torquay and Exeter, Devon

At Titan Security, we offer our exclusive Mobile Guards and Patrol Officers in Torquay, Exeter, Plymouth and other cities to remain at your disposal for whenever you need a mobile patrol unit in the Devon region to visit your property whilst it is unattended at nights, weekends or longer holiday periods. Ensuring you a peace of mind, our mobile teams of security officers in Devon will fully check every one of your premises and ensure that everything is secure.

Close Protection Services in Devon

At Titan Security, we understand that some people need close protection as a basis for their well-being. With the world becoming more and more violent place, many people are becoming conscious of how important close protection security is. Our premium Close Protection Services in Torquay, Exeter and Plymouth, all major cities of the Devon region exceed with professionalism – easing up the stress of potential theft, threat, physical attack or even kidnap.

Titan Security excels in close protection in Devon. Providing an ultimate bespoke service and a team of bodyguards known as the best people in the industry, we are bound to be the best red carpet security in Devon or the most tailored close protection team of security officers you are looking for.

From Royalty Protection to red carpet events, we continually strive to train and work together as a team providing the best close protection services in Torquay, Exeter and Plymouth – all accustomed to working with high profile individuals and families with demanding lifestyles. Whether it’s a shopping trip, table reservation or simply social life management, our close protection services in Devon are aimed to provide the very best – from individual bodyguard protection to a full close protection team with chauffeurs, armored vehicles, counter-surveillance and residential security teams with operators.

Key Holding/Alarm Response Services in Devon

Titan Security is proud to provide the best key holding and alarm response services in the cities of Torquay, Exeter and Plymouth along the Devon region. Accredited to the British Standards and being able to hold the keys to your premises or your equipment within secure facilities, our stellar key holding and alarm response security services in Devon always include securing any facility and a receipt that finalizes the date and time of the exchange together with a vast description of your keys.

Oriented to maximum details, risk assessments and assignment instructions, our team of experienced key holding guards and alarm response teams is able to ensure that our protocols are tailored to your purpose – and your security is our highest priority.

Contact us or give us a call at 01626 330349 to find out more about us, our customers and general security services in Devon!